Afternoon Mosquito Spraying – May 22nd or 23rd

🦟Heads Up, Wyoming Borough Residents – Mosquito Control Update!🦟

The Wyoming Borough has been informed by the Luzerne Conservation District’s Mosquito-borne Disease Control Program Coordinator about plans for mosquito control in our area.

Here’s what you need to know:

Timing: Depending on wind and rain, Mr. George will be in Wyoming and West Wyoming tomorrow or Thursday afternoon to conduct adult mosquito control in select locations.

⚙️Method: He will be using a handheld thermal fogger to apply a pesticide to densely vegetated areas where mosquitos rest. This machine uses heat to vaporize a pesticide solution as a mist or fog, effectively covering large areas to knock down the mosquito population.

❗️What to Expect: The thermal fogger creates a dense fog that residents may mistake for smoke. Mr. George will notify the 911 center before using the fogger to minimize any confusion.

We appreciate your cooperation as we work to control the mosquito population in our borough!