June 11, 2018 Council Meeting Minutes



Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2018



Pledge of Allegiance


Roll Call:



Mr. Stephen Nalewajko      P         Attorney Shannon Crake Lapsansky    P

Mr. Frank Yurek                  P         Mayor Joseph Dominick                       P

Mr. Michael Baloga              P

Mr. Michael Flynn                P

Mrs. Diane Smiles               P

Mr. Joseph Scaltz                P



Citizens: ­­­­­­45                           Press: Yes WNEP 16


Approval of minutes:  The minutes of the April 2018 meeting are available for review at the borough office.  The minutes are approved on a motion made by Mr. Flynn and seconded Mr. Yurek.


Officers Reports: Reports of the Police Commissioner, Street Commissioner and Code Enforcement Officer for the month of April 2018 have been submitted and placed on file for public inspection.




Administration:  Finance and Grants


Joseph Scaltz           Mike Flynn       Frank Yurek

No reports from committee


Emergency Service:  Police and Fire Departments


Diane Smiles          Mike Flynn            Joseph Scaltz

No reports from committee


Health and Sanitation:  Recycling and Solid Waste


Frank Yurek              Michael Baloga           Diane Smiles

No reports from committee




Mike Flynn              Diane Smiles            Joseph Scaltz

No reports from committee


Public Property:  Borough Building and Recreation


Frank Yurek           Diane Smiles          Mike Flynn

Mr. Yurek reported that the committee is exploring on getting a Grant for the park.

Mr. Nalewajko wanted to thank the Wyoming VFW for the donation of flags to the Borough. The VFW has been donating the flags for the past 20 years.


Streets and Sewers: Public Works


Frank Yurek               Joseph Scaltz              Diane Smiles

No report from committee


  Zoning and Planning:


Michael Baloga          Frank Yurek          Mike Flynn

No report from committee

Mr. Baloga mentioned the Conservation district will be spraying for mosquitoes in the Borough.


 A motion was made to approve Michele Manta Ambromovage to host a block party on June 29th 2018, to be held in the Dona Michele parking Lot & Kelly Auto Parking lot. The block party will have a band and food vendors, this will give the new business owners in the Borough the opportunity to showcase their business.

Motion made by, Mr. Yurek and seconded by Mr. Flynn.

Motion Passed


 Solicitor’s Report


Work Session discussion: Solicitor, noted the Tsioles property is Free & Clear of liens and we just need to have the Tsioles deed the property over to the Borough. The Borough would likely need to file an assessment appeal prior to the August 1st deadline to recognize the transfer to the Borough and be recognized as having a tax-exempt status. That would be necessary so the Borough will not be billed for any future real estate taxes while it is the owner on record.

Once the Borough obtains the property a motion can be made to grant property to Wyoming Hose Co. #1. Council will need to vote on the motion.


Mayor’s Report

The Police Department responded to 300 incidents in the month of May 2018.

Mayor Dominick commended office McGuirk for saving someone’s life at McDonalds.

Flanagan & Noble recently attended a seminar in Binghamton and were presented with a donation to the police department in the amount of $500.00.

Flanagan requested the donation be split between the Wyoming Library and the Little League.


Nothing to report other than what was discussed

   Work session discussions:                                            


1 Jim Rose, a representative from DCED spoke to council about an Early Intervention Program. This is a Grant Program. Allow funding for contractors to come in and do the work. Funding can be matched 50%, depending on the Borough. He provided the council with program guidelines handouts. The purpose of the program is to provide guidance for municipalities that need to improve their fiscal position. The goal of the program is to promote best management practices and avert financial distress. Jim Rose will be meeting with

Borough Manager to go over the program. The council agreed to have Mr. Rose provide the Borough with solutions and assistance.


  1. Borough manager presented the council and Mayor with a letter from her doctor stating why she does not attend monthly meetings. She also presented a copy of an email from Michael Williams which listed when the DCED approved annual audits and financial reports for the Borough.


  1. Borough manager also addressed councilman Mr. Baloga. In the past 12 years he has been on council he has never questioned anything. Mr. Baloga responded since the State Police criminal investigation that is ongoing with her, he has started requesting information.


  1. Borough manager: A budget was approved and passed in the January meeting. Stated to the Mayor and councilman Baloga they are unaware how the Borough finances work. Not all residents come and pay their property taxes within the rebate period and the Borough relies on these funds to pay bills. The Borough transfers funds from other accounts we have and pays the bills. A practice that the Borough followed throughout the years.

Mayor Dominick asked Tamra is she was aware that the Sewer Ordinance states that funds are for sewer maintenance only. She stole money from the sewer account to fund another.

Tamra responded the money was borrowed from the sewer fund and was replaced back to the sewer account in a timely manner. She also noted if the Borough applied for a TAN loan there would unnecessary cost to the Borough.



5.Tamra stated: Leader of the community should show respect to the council and Borough employees. Facebook posts on Joseph Dominick Mayor of Wyoming’s Page were brought to the attention of council. The comments posted by people were demeaning to the Borough Council & employees. The Mayor should not allow post to remain on his page that condemn the Borough employees, this is adult bullying.


  1. Mayor: Requested that a police budget be given to the commissioner so the department knows where they stand on a day to day basis. Requested a budget and received a profit & loss statement for the Borough.

Floor opens to the public


Residents who spoke: Pat Skilonger, Tom Skilonger, Gail Frew, Jack Smiles, and Bobby Borzell.


Pat Skilonger: She noted to the council that she doesn’t go from anyone’s script when she spoke at the May meeting She was disappointed about the young boy who approached the council with his scout project and no one from council took the time to review what he prepared for them. (Councilman Mr. Baloga apologized for the council.)

Questioned the President of council Mr. Nalewajko if he signs all important documents for the Borough. Asked him to write his name for her, she presented him with copies of documents to see if they were his signatures. (Borough solicitor noted the president can authorize a borough employee to type a letter for him and have them sign for him.)

Questioned where the funds from the sale of the Midway shopping center go?

(Borough manager explained the expenses the Borough imposed with the snow storms and overtime paid to the DPW workers)

Commended the police on pulling over the cars that were speeding on the Avenue.


Tom Skilonger: Questioned why are there XX’s listed on the financial statement for the Borough employee salaries? Response from Borough Manager: All employees have direct deposit and have different deductions from their pays. The Borough is allowed to give the gross pay and the amount given was a total of all salaries paid out.


Questioned: Was Tamara’s accounting services paid by the Borough? This is an Ethics violation. Anyone who draws a borough salary can’t do business with the Borough Tamra noted that she was reimbursed by the Borough not paid for a service provided. He would like to see a listing of bills paid by the Borough.


Gail Frew: Asked about the amendment to the Sewer Ordinance. She would like to see more transparency.

Solicitor noted that it was a discussion, council will need to discuss the amendment to the ordinance and will be voted on by council.

Gail noted that the Borough has room for improvement and was happy to see now that agendas are being provided to the citizens. Asked if the mayor is now allowed to receive information without having to do a Right to Know.

She is only asking these questions as a concerned citizen.

Stated to the council if you want to do you jobs well they need to get their act together.


Jack Smiles: Facebook post have nothing to do with the 1st amendment. Mayor should not allow fake accounts and delete derogatory post about body shaming and accusing council of being sexual predators.


Bobby Borzell: Happy that they are making headway on his sidewalks. He understands that these things take time.

Why did we run out of money and have to borrow from the sewer account?

Tamra responded; The borough does not take in a lot of funds in the summer months and relies on the funds from Taxes and Berkheimer. Explained how the Road Fund money can’t be mixed with general funds and the borough is told what to spend with the road funds.

 Mr. Borzell asked when the last audit was done. Response from Tamra, we recently had our 2016 audit done and the reason they are behind in audits is due to issues in 2008 & 2009.

Mr. Borzell feels that having the DCED come in and work with the Borough would be a good thing.


Motions Initiated by councilman Mr. Baloga


Motion to Suspend Tamra Smith pending the outcome of the state investigation. Motion made by Mr. Baloga and seconded by Mr. Scaltz

4- No    Mr. Nalewajko, Mr. Yurek, Mr. Flynn, Mrs. Smiles

2- Yes   Mr. Baloga, Mr. Scaltz

Motion denied

 Motion to suspend Commissioner Flanagan pending outcome of the investigation. Motion made by Mr. Baloga and seconded by, Mr. Scaltz

4- No    Mr. Nalewajko, Mr. Yurek, Mr. Flynn, Mrs. Smile

2- Yes   Mr. Baloga, Mr. Scaltz

Motion denied

Motion to allow the State & Governors office to come in and work with the Brough on the Early intervention Program. Motion made by Mr. Baloga and seconded by Mr. Yurek.

Motion passed

Motion to allow Mayor Dominick to obtain information from the Borough without having to go through requesting a Right to Know. Motion made by Mr. Baloga and seconded by Mr. Scaltz.

Motion Passed

 Motion initiated by councilman Mr. Scaltz

 Motion to terminate Tamra Smith immediately and appoint Roseanne Colarusso to Borough manager. Motion made by Mr. Scaltz and seconded by Mr. Baloga.

4-No      Mr. Nalewajko, Mr. Yurek, Mr. Flynn, Mrs. Smiles

2-Yes    Mr. Baloga, Mr. Scaltz

Motion denied

Councilman Mr. Scaltz asked why he had to wait for information he requested until the meeting. Wanted to know who was responsible for this action? No response was given to Mr. Scaltz.


Communications: A list of communications received since the last meeting have been presented to council and accepted on a motion made by Mrs. Smiles and seconded by Mr. Scaltz.

Motion Moved


Payment of Bills: A listing of bills paid and received for payment have been presented to council and accepted on a motion made by Mrs. Smiles and seconded by, Mr. Yurek.

Motion Moved


Unfinished Business:  None



Motion to adjourn: Mr. Yurek

Seconded by: Mr. Flynn

Time: 8:10

Date:   June 11, 2018

Meeting Minutes Recorded by : Roseanne Colarusso, Borough Secretary