April Council Meeting Minutes




April 8, 2019


Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:

Mr. Stephen Nalewajko A                         Mayor Joseph Dominick P

Mr. Frank Yurek P                                    Attorney Lars Anderson P

Mr. Michael Baloga P                         

Mr. John Lipski P                                                                            

Mrs. Diane Smiles   P                    

Mr. Joseph Scaltz P                                   

                                    Citizens: ­­­ 43                                                Press: Yes

Approval of minutes:  The minutes of the March 2019 meeting are available for review at the borough office.  The minutes are approved on a motion made by Mr. Baloga, and seconded by Mr. Scaltz.

Motion moved

Officers Reports: Reports of the Police Department, Street Commissioner and Code Enforcement Officer for the month of March 2019 have been submitted and placed on file for public inspection.


Administration:  Finance and Grants


Joseph Scaltz           John Lipski        Frank Yurek

Motion made to approve the modification of the lease contract terms for the 2017 Dodge Charger with Fulton Bank and approve the resolution regarding the modification of the lease.

Motion made by: Mr. Baloga

Seconded by: Mr. Lipski

Motion moved

Motion was made to authorize Atty. Bufalino to proceed with the defense of council in regard to the Susquehanna Realty suit.

Motion made by: Mrs. Smiles

Motion seconded by: Mr. Scaltz

Motion moved

Motion was made to approve the engagement letter with Prociak & Associates for the 2017 audit.

Motion made by: Mr. Baloga

Motion seconded by: Mr. Scaltz

Motion moved

Report: The Multimodal Transportation Fund Program Grant for the Wyoming Roadway Restoration Project that the Borough applied for, was denied. Competition for the MTF funds was very strong and the demand far exceeded the available funds.

Emergency Service:  Police and Fire Departments


Diane Smiles          John Lipski           Joseph Scaltz


Diane Smiles will look into whether we should change the primary Ambulance service to best serve the residents of Wyoming.

Health and Sanitation:  Recycling and Solid Waste


Frank Yurek              Michael Baloga           Diane Smiles

Report: no report



John Lipski             Diane Smiles            Joseph Scaltz

Report: no report

Public Property:  Borough Building and Recreation


Frank Yurek           Diane Smiles          John Lipski

Report: The Borough has received many donations from local business’s

for the Easter Egg Hunt. All businesses that have donated, will be recognized at the next meeting.

Borough received a donation of two children’s bicycles from Hose Co #2 (Dan Zavada) and two bicycles from Andrew and Daniel Burke family.

Other Bike donations: Booyah Burgers, Sherry DeMark Family Salon, Robert Christian, Professional Tax Development.

Streets and Sewers: Public Works


Frank Yurek               Joseph Scaltz              Diane Smiles

Discussion: Magnolia Point, LLC has been working with PennDot to obtain a HOP permit for a proposed driveway to Wyoming Ave. PennDot has ordered a “No Parking” ordinance to be instituted in the area of this driveway in order to preserve adequate sight distances. Magnolia Point LLC has requested the Borough consider, this no parking ordinance, requested by PennDot.

Attorney Anderson stated in order obtain a HOP permit, a first reading and a second reading is required. The Borough will look to see if any Ordinance exists for that property.

Motion made for the April 8th meeting to be the first reading for the HOP permit.

Motion made by: Mr. Scaltz

Motion seconded by: Mr. Baloga

Motion moved

Motion was made to pass the amended Pave Cut ordinance.

Motion made by: Mr. Scaltz

Motion seconded by: Mrs. Smiles

Motion moved

Report: no report

Zoning and Planning:


Michael Baloga          Frank Yurek          John Lipski

Report: no report

Solicitor’s Report

Attorney Anderson informed the council about a request from the Attorney General’s office for a list of documents from Wyoming Borough. A motion will need to be made to authorize Attorney Anderson and Roseanne Colarusso to cooperate with the Attorney General to comply with his request.

Motion made by; Mr. Baloga

Motion seconded by: Mr. Lipski

Motion moved

Mayor’s Report

The Police Department responded to 318 incidents in the month of March 2019

Floor opens to the public

Speakers were Florence Aquilina, Thomas Skilonger, Tammy Serino

  1.Florence Aqulina: She had a complaint about the garbage fee for Wyoming Borough, stating she inquired into the costs of neighboring towns and found the fees much lower. Mr. Baloga assured her the Borough will be looking into the best options for the year 2020. She also commented on street sweeping and stormwater fee.

  2. Tom Skilonger: He presented the Chiefs Report for the month of March 2019.

  3. Tammy Serino: She said she lives in Colonial Acres and the railroad tracks run behind her home. ATVS and Motor cross bike use in this area run as late as 12:30 PM and ram into her fence and ruin her trees. She also complained about the noise, stating it is getting out of hand.

Communications: A list of communications received since the last meeting have been presented to council and accepted on a motion made by Mr. Scaltz and seconded by Mrs. Smiles.

Motion moved

Payment of Bills: A listing of bills paid and received for payment have been presented to council and accepted on a motion made by Mr. Baloga and seconded by Mr. Scaltz

Motion moved

Unfinished Business:

Compost Yard Agreement between Wyoming Borough and West Wyoming needs to be voted on at the next meeting.

Agreement between Wyoming Borough and Wyoming Area School District needs to be discussed at the next meeting.

Motion to adjourn: Mr. Baloga

Seconded by:  Mr. Scaltz

Time: 8:30

Date:   April 8, 2019

Minutes recorded by Borough Secretary/Treasurer Mary Sabol 04/08/2019.