June 10 2019 Council Meeting Minutes




June 10, 2019


Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:

Mr. Stephen Nalewajko P                           Mayor Joseph Dominick P                    

Mr. Frank Yurek P                                         Attorney Lars Anderson A                        

Mr. Michael Baloga P                                                 

Mr. John Lipski P                                                                            

Mrs. Diane Smiles P                                   

Mr. Joseph Scaltz    P                                

                                    Citizens: 55 ­­ ­­­­                         Press: Yes

Approval of minutes:  The minutes of the May 2019 meeting are available for review at the borough office.  The minutes are approved on a motion made by Michael Baloga, and seconded by Frank Yurek.

Motion Moved

Officers Reports: Reports of the Police Department, Street Commissioner and Code Enforcement Officer for the month of May 2019 have been submitted and placed on file for public inspection.


Administration:  Finance and Grants


Joseph Scaltz           John Lipski        Frank Yurek


Advertisements for sealed bids for the LSA Program Grant will be opened and read on July 2nd. Results will be announced at the July 8th meeting.

Emergency Service:  Police and Fire Departments


Diane Smiles          John Lipski           Joseph Scaltz

Motion was made to promote Officer Mercavitch to Chief of Police for the Wyoming Borough.

Motion By: Joseph Scaltz

Seconded by: Michael Baloga

Motion Moved

Motion made to change the primary Ambulance Service from West Wyoming to Greater Pittston to best serve the residents of Wyoming, effective immediately.

Motion made by: John Lipski

Seconded by: Joseph Scaltz

Motion Moved


Wyoming Borough and the Police Officers thanked Brackney Leather for their donation of a printer to the Police Department

Health and Sanitation:  Recycling and Solid Waste


Frank Yurek              Michael Baloga           Diane Smile

Report: Residents have until June 14th to pay their overdue sanitation fees before a citation is served.

Mr. Nalewajko reminded residents that beginning July 6, 2019, West Wyoming Borough will be fining anyone from “out of town” for illegal use of the compost yard.  The citation carries a fine of up to $300.00 and court costs.

Paper Shred event for September 12, 2019 will be held at Pettebone Park on Monument Ave from 4:00 till 7:00.



John Lipski             Diane Smiles            Joseph Scaltz

Report: No Report

Public Property:  Borough Building and Recreation


Frank Yurek           Diane Smiles          John Lipski

Motion made to transfer the Tsioles property to the Wyoming Hose Co #1. A condition of this transfer is that a plaque be erected in the building constructed on the property acknowledging the land was donated by Nicholas and Cynthia Tsioles.

Motion made by: Michael Baloga

Motion seconded by: Joseph Scaltz

Motion Moved

Report: The Recreation board will be holding a Flea Market on June 23rd at the Flack Field. Cost will be $ 20.00 per 10×10 space. The Board has applied for a small Games of Chance License from Luzerne County in order to help with fundraising. Minutes from the meeting are on file at the Borough Building. The next meeting will be June 26th at 1:00. Volunteers would be appreciated.

Stella Presbyterian Church donated a Wyoming, Pa Centennial Flag to Wyoming Borough.

Streets and Sewers: Public Works


Frank Yurek               Joseph Scaltz              Diane Smiles

Motion made to approve a “Dental Office Parking Only” for Ann McDonough D.M.D. in front of her building at 25 E 8th St. Ann McDonough D.M.D will be responsible for the cost.

Motion made by: Michael Baloga

 Seconded by: Joseph Scaltz

Motion Moved


 Wyoming Borough thanked Wyoming Valley Pallets for the mulch they donated to the Borough.

Zoning and Planning:


Michael Baloga          Frank Yurek          John Lipski


Mr. Baloga reminded Wyoming Borough residents to keep their properties neat and trimmed. He also requested that residents discontinue blocking alleyways

Solicitor’s Report: 

The Tsioles property has been transferred over to the Wyoming Borough.

Mayor’s Report

The Police Department responded to_313__ incidents in the month of April 2019.

Mayor Dominick recommended appointing Officer Mercavitch to Chief of Police.

He also spoke with Harry Smith in regard to some overgrown properties in the

Borough, and said the residents need to take care of these properties and the adjacent alleys.

                                             Floor opens to the public

Speakers were:

1.Pat Skilonger: Recommended the Borough consider displaying flags honoring the Borough Policemen, Firemen and EMT service personnel.

2. Tom Skilonger Presented the Chiefs report for May 2019

3. Bob Borzell: Commended Wyoming Hose Co #1 and 2 for their quick response to a call he made to 911 on June 1st when a tree that came down due to a storm.

4. John Urbanski: Recommended Officer Mercavitch for Chief of Police.

5. Dan Zavada: Hose Co #2 reported they received the LSA grant for the fire Hydrant adaptors and will be installing them throughout the Borough. 

Communications: A list of communications received since the last meeting have been presented to council and accepted on a motion made by Mr. Baloga and seconded by Mrs. Smiles.


Payment of Bills: A listing of bills paid and received for payment have been presented to council and accepted on a motion made by Mr. Baloga and seconded by Mr. Scaltz.


Unfinished Business:

Motion to adjourn: Mr. Baloga

Seconded by:  Mrs. Smiles

Time: 7:55

Date:   June 10,2019

Minutes recorded by Wyoming Borough Secretary/ Treasurer: Mary Sabol

June 10, 2019