April 12, 2021 Council Meeting Minutes



                                                  Meeting Minutes

                                                         April 12, 2021

7:00 p.m.

                                                     Pledge of Allegiance                                                   

Meeting will be conducted Live on Zoom

Due to Covid-19

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85908047016?pwd=N1diY0VwTDRidmczYVlNdWVsc3hXdz09

Roll Call:

Mr. Michael Baloga       P                                    Mayor Joseph Dominick   P

Mr. Joseph Scaltz         P                                      Attorney Laura Dennis   P

Mr. John Lipski              P

Mr. Robert Borzell         P

Mr. Russell Herron       P                          

Mrs. Diane Smiles         P              

Citizens: ­­­        2                      Press: 0

Approval of minutes:  The minutes of the March 2021 meeting are available for review at the borough office. The minutes are approved on a motion made by Mrs. Smiles and seconded by Mr. Scaltz.

Motion Moved

Officers Reports: Reports of the Police Department, Street Commissioner and Code Enforcement Officer for the month of March 2021 have been submitted and placed on file for public inspection.


Administration:  Finance and Grants


Joseph Scaltz           John Lipski        Diane Smiles

Motion made to approve Right of Way Agreement with Williams Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC

Motion made by: Mr. Herron

Seconded by: Mr. Borzell

Motion Moved

Motion made to execute the contract with Williams Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company LLC pending approval upon meeting with Borough Solicitor.

Motion made by: Mr. Baloga

Seconded by: Mr. Herron

Roll call was taken:

Mr. Baloga- Yes

Mr. Scaltz- Yes

Mr. Lipski- Abstained

Mr. Herron- Yes

Mr. Borzell- Yes

Mrs. Smiles- Yes

5 Yes 1- Abstain

Motion Moved

Report: None

Emergency Service:  Police and Fire Departments


Joseph Scaltz          John Lipski           Robert Borzell


Report: None

Health and Sanitation:  Recycling and Solid Waste


Robert Borzell              John Lipski           Russell Herron

Report:  Currently in the face period for 2021 trash payments

               Face period amount $250.00 ending on May 14, 2021

               Senior discount of $240.00 expires on May 14, 2021 

The Borough will be conducting the annual shred event September 9, 2021 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the borough building parking lot.

This event is fully funded by Luzerne County Recycling Department.



Diane Smiles             Robert Borzell            Joseph Scaltz

Motion made to accept the resignation of Lynn Pace from her position as a crossing guard.

Motion made by: Mr. Borzell

Seconded by: Mrs. Smile

Motion Moved

Motion made to accept the resignation of Wayne Robbins from his position as a crossing guard.

Motion made by: Mr. Herron

Seconded by: Mr. Scaltz

Motion Moved

The Borough currently has 3 openings for crossing guards

and in need of an alternate crossing guard.

Crossing guard openings were posted to the Borough’s website and Facebook page.

Applications have been received from the following:

Rita Ann Colondo

Connie Barhight

Robert Barhight

Andrew P Skolnick

Motion made to hire 3 Crossing Guards at the rate of $10.00 per hour with no benefits.

1) Rita Ann Colondo   2) Andrew Skolnick   3) Robert Barhight.

Motion made by: Mr. Lipski

Seconded by: Mrs. Smiles

Motion Moved

Motion made to hire Connie Barhight as an alternate Crossing Guard at the rate of $10.00 per hour with no benefits. Alternate Crossing Guard will fill in when needed.

Motion made by: Mrs. Smiles

Seconded by: Mr. Herron

Motion Moved

Report: NONE

Public Property:  Borough Building and Recreation


Diane Smiles           Russell Herron          Robert Borzell

Motion made to approve a Community Yard Sale and waive the $5.00 yard sale permit. Date to be determined in June. Manager and Clerk will manage the event.

Motion made by: Mrs. Smiles

Seconded by: Mr. Scaltz

Motion Moved

Report: The Recreation Easter Bunny delivered 148 bags to the registered children of the borough.

The Bunny also made a visit to Dare 2 Dream Child Care and gave out 32 treat bags to the children.

The Recreation Board would like to thank, Brackney Leather (Jerry & Scott Franklin), Jackie Swetts from Dare 2 Dream, and Hose Co#2 for their donations to make this event possible.

Mrs. Smiles thanked the Recreation Board for all the time and effort put into the event.

Mr. Scaltz also thanked the Recreation Board for the event.

Streets and Sewers: Public Works


Russell Herron               Joseph Scaltz              Robert Borzell

Motion was made to have Atty. Dennis make an amendment to Ordinance #15-213 to add additional Stop Signs and to be placed at:

 Tenth Street & Susquehanna Avenue going East & West

 Susquehanna Avenue & First Street going North

Motion made by: Mr. Scaltz

Seconded by:  Mr. Borzell

Motion Moved

Report: None

Zoning and Planning:


John Lipski          Russell Herron          Robert Borzell

Report: Borough Zoning Ordinance was submitted to the Luzerne County Zoning Board for review.

Solicitor’s Report: Susquehanna Realty Civil Suit has been settled and the civil suit is now closed.

Filed 42 Liens with the Prothonotary’s office on behalf of the Borough for delinquent Sewer Fees.

Will be meeting with Williams Transcontinental Pipe Line to discuss the agreement.

Mayors Report:   The Police Department responded to 158 incidents in the month of March 2021.

Recreation Board did a great job with the Easter Event.

The Borough should reach out to Exeter regarding the Stop sign placement on Susquehanna Avenue.

Floor opens to the public: No public concerns or questions presented to council.

Communications: A list of communications received since the last meeting have been presented to council and accepted on a motion made by Mr. Borzell and seconded by Mrs. Smiles.

Motion Moved

Payment of Bills: A listing of bills paid and received for payment for April have been presented to council and accepted on a motion made by Mr. Lipski and seconded by Mr. Borzell

Motion Moved.

 Unfinished Business:        None                    

Motion to adjourn:   Mr. Lipski

Seconded by:        Mrs. Smiles

Time: 8:19 p. m.

Date:  April 12, 2021

Minutes recorded by: Roseanne Colarusso, Borough Manager