July 9th Council Meeting Minutes



Meeting Minutes

July 9th 2018



Pledge of Allegiance


Roll Call:


Mr. Stephen Nalewajko      P         Attorney Shannon Crake Lapsansky    P

Mr. Frank Yurek                  P         Mayor Joseph Dominick                       P

Mr. Michael Baloga              P

Mr. Michael Flynn                P

Mrs. Diane Smiles               P

Mr. Joseph Scaltz                P


Citizens: 32                           Press: None


Approval of minutes:  The minutes of the June 2018 meeting are available for review at the borough office and the Borough’s website.  The minutes are approved on a motion made by Mr. Baloga and seconded Mrs.Smile.


Officers Reports: Reports of the Police Commissioner, Street Commissioner and Code Enforcement Officer for the month of June 2018 have been submitted and placed on file for public inspection.



Administration:  Finance and Grants


Joseph Scaltz           Mike Flynn       Frank Yurek


Resolution will be made for a CFA Multimodal Transportation Fund grant application for the Wyoming Walkway and Roadway Restoration Project; a project to restore pedestrian walkways and roadways along Wyoming and Susquehanna Avenues. The project cost of $474,300 is based on a budget provided by Darly Pawlush, plus 2% additional for grant administration requirements. Deadline for grant submission is July 31,2018.


Motion made by, Mr. Frank Yurek and seconded by Mr. Mike Flynn



No reports from committee


Emergency Service:  Police and Fire Departments


Diane Smiles          Mike Flynn            Joseph Scaltz


Motion was made to approve Commissioner Flanagan to purchase new vests for the police department. The Borough was awarded a grant for $2387.92 from the DOJ BVP that can be used to match 50% of the cost of the new vests. Cost to the Borough for each vest would be $322.50.

Motion made by Mr. Mike Baloga and seconded by Mr. Frank Yurek.

Motion Passed

No reports from committee

Health and Sanitation:  Recycling and Solid Waste


Frank Yurek              Michael Baloga           Diane Smiles

Report: Paper shredding flyer will be posted on local community boards.

(Flyer is attached)



Mike Flynn              Diane Smiles            Joseph Scaltz

Motion was made to accept applications to hire 2 additional part time police officers.

Motion made by, Mr. Mike Baloga and seconded by Mr. Frank Yurek.

Motion Passed

 No reports from committee

Public Property:  Borough Building and Recreation


Frank Yurek           Diane Smiles          Mike Flynn

Motion was made to purchase Lexan sheets from CWS Mesko Glass to replace damaged basketball backboards at Bolin Park. The cost of $895.00 will be funded from the Recreation Fund Account.

Motion Made by Mr. Frank Yurek and seconded by, Mr. Mike Flynn.

Motion Passed

 Streets and Sewers: Public Works


Frank Yurek               Joseph Scaltz              Diane Smiles

No report from committee

 Report from DPW supervisor, the street department has been working on the Handicap ramp located on 1st and Susquehanna Avenue.

Zoning and Planning:


Michael Baloga          Frank Yurek          Mike Flynn

Report: Spraying for mosquitoes is set to take place on July 11 2018. The Luzerne County West Nile Program will be conducting an ultra-low volume spray to reduce the high population of mosquitoes. More details are listed on the Borough’s website under the news tab.

 Councilman Baloga also asked that residents who have fire pits and are burning are to have a grate over the fire. Asked that they burn responsively.


Solicitor’s Report

 No Report


Mayor’s Report

Mayor Dominick commended Jim Tregan for all his hard work and efforts to repair the basketball backboards at Bolin Park.


Mayor Dominick commended officer Jason Slatcoff for Identifying the people who damaged the park.

Mayor Dominick mentioned Mr. Skilonger works for Lowes and entered the borough to possibly receive a donation from the company to fix up the park. Lowes has a program that supplies the manpower and material to local parks and helps out the community. With no cost to the Borough.

The police department held a bike registration for the Borough children and they had a great turnout. Looking at doing more events in the future.

The Guilford property on the Avenue, need to have a litigation to have the property raised to the ground.

Mayor Dominick spoke of the police vehicle that was voted on. He asked if the Borough was accepting any bids and was it advertised? The council voted on proceeding with the sale of Police Car #1 and to advertise for bids in the April Council meeting.

Asked Commissioner Flanagan what police vehicle would be the vehicle he would suggest to sell? Commissioner Flanagan suggested that the Tahoe be the car to be sold.


Council asked Borough Secretary, Roseanne Colarusso to proceed forward with the process on the sale of Police Vehicle #1.

Steps to be taken; Appraisal of the vehicle needs to be performed and then an advertisement will be placed in the newspaper.


Asked the council if it was ok for Mr. Rose from the DCED to meet with Borough Secretary? Council agreed and a meeting will be set.

Mentioned that meeting should have already taken place but Mr., Rose had no success with communication with the Borough manager.


Questioned why Mr. Scaltz had to wait for the information on the MMO loan documents?

(Mr. Scaltz voiced on how upset he was that he had to wait.)

Why did the Borough have a late charge every month?

Someone needs to move forward for the people.

Bills are not being handled efficiently.

Why this issue was not addressed?


Mayor Dominick noted since 2011 the Borough manager took over the Pension plan and the Fund was not paid fully in 2014, 2015 & 2016 according to the audits.

Council noted the Borough did not have the funds and needed to take out a loan to fund the pensions. This was a result from 2008 when the market crashed and lost money.




Floor opens to the public


Speakers: Colleen Garrison, Mark Bertocci, Bobby Borzell



Collen Garrison: Upcoming events for the Wyoming Free Library

Scholastic Book fair to be held July 11-July 14th

An Author will be at the library on July 21st presenting a book on birds

Fundraiser to be held at Sabatini’s Bottle shop on August 2nd 6-9

$25.00 includes 3 drink tickets and unlimited pizza. Live music and raffles, 50/50.

Please come out and support their events.

Looking to see if the borough will team up with them for their Halloween event at Bolin Park.

Mr. Yurek will communicate with John Pokorny to contact the library.


Mark Bertocci: Has concerns about the handicap scooters on the roadway. There have been several near misses with cars. Concerned someone is going to get hurt. Is this legal for them to utilize the road? Commissioner Flanagan will get information regarding the matter.


Bobby Borzell: Jim Tregan from DPW department is doing a great job on the repair of the handicap ramp near his residence.

Concerned about the quads flying up and down the roads at all hours of the night.

Commissioner said they have cited them.

Motorcycle flipped over in front of his residence and the man who was operating the bike threatened his wife not to call the police. His wife called the police and the police chased him down by Schooley Ave.





Motions Initiated by councilman, Mr. Baloga


Motion to Suspend Tamra Smith pending the outcome of the state investigation. Motion made by Mr. Baloga and seconded by Mr. Scaltz


4- No    Mr. Nalewajko, Mr. Yurek, Mr. Flynn, Mrs. Smiles

2- Yes   Mr. Baloga, Mr. Scaltz


Motion denied



Motion to suspend Commissioner Flanagan pending outcome of the investigation. Motion made by Mr. Baloga and seconded by, Mr. Scaltz


4- No    Mr. Nalewajko, Mr. Yurek, Mr. Flynn, Mrs. Smile

2- Yes   Mr. Baloga, Mr. Scaltz


Motion denied







Communications: A list of communications received since the last meeting have been presented to council and accepted on a motion made by Mr. Yurek and seconded by Mr. Flynn.

Motion Moved


Payment of Bills: A listing of bills paid and received for payment have been presented to council and accepted on a motion made by Mr. Baloga and seconded by, Mrs. Smiles.

Motion Moved


Unfinished Business:

Crossing Guard pay increase issue, Jarret followed up with Wyoming Area and the issue will be resolved before the start of the 2018-2019 school year.



Motion to adjourn: Mr. Yurek

Seconded by: Mrs. Smiles

Time: 8:11

Date:   July 9, 2018


Meeting Minutes Recorded by : Roseanne Colarusso, Borough Secretary













Jerry Walsh asked to meet with the EMS Committee to discuss the future of Hose Company #1.

He hopes Council will be responsive to their needs and grant the Tsioles property over to Hose co.#1.


Solicitor said they just can’t vote on the granting until having all the answers.


Council will meet with Hose Co#1 to discuss the matter.