December 18, 2018 Special Council Meeting Minutes



Special Meeting

Meeting Minutes

December 18, 2018



Pledge of Allegiance




Roll Call:



Mr. Stephen Nalewajko P               Attorney Lars Anderson      P

Mr. Frank Yurek            A              Mayor Joseph Dominick     P

Mr. Michael Baloga       P

Mrs. Diane Smiles         P

Mr. Joseph Scaltz          P



Citizens: ­­­_­­­­10 _                                  Press: _0_




Administration:  Finance and Grants


Joseph Scaltz            Frank Yurek


A motion will be made to approve 2019 budget.

Motion revised


Motion was made to advertise proposed budget and have out for review for public.

Motion made by Mr. Baloga

Seconded by Mr. Scaltz

Motion moved


A motion will bill made to advertise notice of a 2 mil tax increase for the 2019 Fiscal Year.

Motion made by Mrs. Smiles

Seconded by Mr. Nalewajko

1 – No   Mr. Baloga

3 – Yes  Mr. Nalewajko, Mr. Scaltz,  Mrs. Smiles


Motion moved






A motion will be made to set millage to 3.7905 and have a special meeting December 31st at 2:00 p.m.

Motion made by Mr. Baloga

Seconded by Mrs. Smiles

Motion moved




Health and Sanitation:  Recycling and Solid Waste


Frank Yurek              Michael Baloga           Diane Smiles


Report: Mayor will contact JP Mascaro to receive a copy of our contract.

He spoke with Mascaro and if we send them money towards our outstanding bills they will not stop our service in January






Diane Smiles            Joseph Scaltz

A motion was made to eliminate funding and the position for a police commissioner for the Wyoming Borough.

Motion made by Mr. Baloga

Seconded by Mr. Scaltz

Motion moved






Streets and Sewers: Public Works


Frank Yurek               Joseph Scaltz              Diane Smiles


Motion was made to cut sewer maintenance fees from $200.00 a year to $50.00 for 2019.

Motion made by Mr. Baloga

Seconded by Mr. Scaltz

3- Yes   Mr. Baloga, Mr. Scaltz, Mrs. Smiles

1-No   Mr. Nalewajko

Motion moved




Solicitor’s Report:

Lars will prepare an amendment to place in the paper for the advertisement for open council seat for 1st ward.


Letters of interest will need to be handed into the Borough by December 28, 2018.


The open seat will need to be filled on December 31st.

Mr. Scaltz will contact Magistrate Carmody to swear in the new councilman.


Lars will look into the West Wyoming Contract to see if we can make any changes.




Mr. Rose spoke about the peer consultant that is working with Mrs. Colarusso. There is a lot to cover and work on.


Current balance is unbalanced

Borough roughly pays out $100,000.00 per month in bills.


Payroll taxes were not paid; therefore the Borough will not be able to apply for any grants until they are satisfied.


The Borough will need to increase the tax mils by 2 mils to take care of the Borough deficit.


Recommended to table the budget until next meeting on December 31st.








Motion to adjourn: Mr. Baloga

Seconded by:  Mr. Scaltz

Time: 8:36 p.m.

Date:   December 18, 2018




Meeting Minutes recorded by Roseanne Colarusso, Secretary