Special Meeting Minutes November 23, 2020




November 23, 2020

6:30 P.M.


Meeting to be conducted via Zoom

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Meeting ID: 844 6196 6873

Passcode: 388256

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:

Mr. Michael Baloga       P                                       Mayor Joseph Dominick P

Mr. Joseph Scaltz         P                                       Attorney Laura Dennis     P

Mr. John Lipski             P

Mr. Robert Borzell        P

Mr. Russell Herron     P                            

Mrs. Diane Smiles       P                

                                    Citizens:      0                                    Press: 0

Purpose of this special meeting:

Review Preliminary 2021 Budget, Approval to advertise to Public

Approve payment to Fidelity Bank for 2020 TAN Note.

Hire Part Time Police Officer

Motion needed to approve Preliminary Budget for 2021

Motion made by Diane Smiles

Seconded by    Robert Borzell

Motion moved

Motion needed to advertise Proposed 2021 Budget to be available for public review, posted on Wyoming Borough Website and on Wyoming Borough entrance door.

Motion made by: Joseph Scaltz

Seconded by:     John Lipski

Motion moved

Motion needed to approve Fidelity D&D Bank TAN payment for loan payoff in the amount of $255,934.00.

Motion made by:  Joseph Scaltz

Seconded by    Robert Borzell

Motion moved

Motion needed to hire Jennifer Anderson as a part time police officer at the rate of $17.00 per hour with no benefits.

Motion made by:   Robert Borzell

Seconded by:       Russell Herron

Motion moved

Motion to adjourn:   John Lipski

Seconded by Russell Herron

Time: 6:46

Date:  11/23/2020